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BeanCast 398: Pump and Dump


Six-Second YouTube Ads

Rising Programmatic Prices

Resisting Vertical Video

SNL Tests Branded Content

BeanCast 397: Pancakes, Not Cheerios


Playing Nice Together

Courting Your "Makers"

NextGen Logos

Hackathons for Agencies

BeanCast 396: Hit Up Saul


NBA Puts Sponsors on Jerseys

Diversity on Awards Juries

IP and Agency Profits

Moving Beyond Nielse

BeanCast 395: Everybody's Gotta Lighten Up


Decline in Personal Shares

Publishers vs FTC Native Guidelines

The Rise of Skinny Shaming

WYSIWYG in Facebook Ads

BeanCast 394: Dropping The Mic


What Bots Do For Us

Faking Your Social Stand

Women And SnapChat

LiveRail's Troubles

BeanCast 393: Trump-Shaming Melania


Transformation or Stagnation

Apps vs. Ecosystems

The Rise of the Algorithm

The VR Hype


Why Google Is Killing Your Keywords

For any of you who spend a majority of your day agonizing over keyword lists and may be shocked to hear that your efforts may soon be superfluous. Here's a look at the newly released functionality of Google’s Dynamic Search Ads.

Talking All-Natural Fast Food

I was invited over to The Willis Report on FOX Business to discuss Taco Bell and Pizza Hut joining the movement toward serving all-natural ingredients in their products. (VIDEO)

Bob On Social Toolkit

A few weeks back I recorded an episode of Social Toolkit with Jason Keath and Jason Yarborough, and now the show has finally posted.

Entertain, Then Inform

Why do you choose to watch NBC news over CNN news over FOX news? We each have a list of reasons, from authority to political biases to which networks aren't in a fight with my cable provider at the moment. But if we look beneath our immediate answers, we find that we select our information source of choice largely based on who entertains us the best.

Should I Podcast?

Suddenly everyone wants a podcast, and believe me, I'm not complaining. My reputation for creating quality shows makes me the go-to resource for helping companies start their own audio program. But when asked, "Should our company start a podcast?" I don't always immediately answer, "Yes!" Instead, I ask a few questions.