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BeanCast 331: The Channukah Bush


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Social Disclosure Worries

Facebook's Ad Stature

Christmas As Super Bowl

Yahoo's Mobile Rise

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Brand Journalism

Attack Ad vs. Search 

Twitter Tracks Apps

Breaking Up Google

BeanCast 328: Racist Tweet, Same Result


Google Contributor

Podcast As Media

In-Store Eye Tracking

TV Measurement

BeanCast 327: Gettin' Our Yiddish On


Facebook's Latest

Lack of Digital Transformation

Beating Beacon Fear

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BeanCast 326: Flashturbation


Content In Question 

Programmatic Transparency

Digital To Outpace TV

Connected CPGs


How They Communicate Matters To Your Brand

The cornerstone of any strong brand is strong customer service and, as always, effective communication is the key. But how do your customers like to get in touch? The answer may surprise you. 

Boost Engagement and Make the Sale on Social

Maybe the reason your engagement is suffering is because you’re spending too much time trying to be your customers’ friend online. Here’s a newsflash for you: your customers don’t want to be your friend. They want to (maybe) buy something from you that will solve their problem.

Some Easter Egg Influencer Marketing

The good folks at Wedu, Inc. gave me a bit of spring cheer today with an influencer campaign that is pretty awesome. Like I always say, a good influencer campaign has to value the brand of the influencer more than your own brand. Well, played, friends!

Appealing To Luxury Product Consumers

I had an interesting opportunity today to explain the difference between mass-market and luxury market consumers, and why mass-market social tactics aren't as effective with luxury product buyers. Here are my insights.

Bob's Latest On Ad Age

What defines success in a paid influence campaign? Is it reach or advocacy? My latest article is up on the Ad Age website on just this subject. I'll reprint it here eventually, but for now, enjoy the inevitable discussion and debate that is sure to ensue from this one over on their site.