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The BeanCast
BeanCast 446: A.I. or B.S.


Adtech Accountability

Trusting A.I. Claims

The eSports Hype Machine

Facebook's Plans For A.R.

BeanCast 445: Okay, Google


Misaligned Digital Expectations

Here Comes Super Ad Blocking

Mixing Voice Activation With TV

Maybe People Didn't Hate Pepsi

BeanCast 444: The Leather Pottery Episode


The Issue With In-House

Fixing Brand Processes

Should We Still Be In New York

Data vs Shows At The Upfronts

BeanCast 443: Metrosexual


Big Surprise For Chase

Complacency and Brand Security

Influencer Posts Feeding Programmatic

April Fool's Day 2017

BeanCast 442: Millennials Love Sitcoms


How Google Responds

Does TV Face The Same Issues

The Data Integration Dilemma

Sitcoms Are The Best For Ad


What Big Company Executives Always Misunderstand About Entrepreneurs,

There are many ways the transition from entrepreneurial endeavor to corporate bureaucracy can go off the rails...but misunderstanding the entrepreneurial mindset is the biggest culprit of failed acquisitions.

Recording or Experiencing?

Is the camera a recording device or a seeing device? Is this even an important distinction? Well, a little social unicorn called Snap, Inc. thinks that it’s the latter — and maybe it’s important that we understand why.

Why Google Is Killing Your Keywords

For any of you who spend a majority of your day agonizing over keyword lists and may be shocked to hear that your efforts may soon be superfluous. Here's a look at the newly released functionality of Google’s Dynamic Search Ads.

Talking All-Natural Fast Food

I was invited over to The Willis Report on FOX Business to discuss Taco Bell and Pizza Hut joining the movement toward serving all-natural ingredients in their products. (VIDEO)

Bob On Social Toolkit

A few weeks back I recorded an episode of Social Toolkit with Jason Keath and Jason Yarborough, and now the show has finally posted.