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BeanCast 479: A Case of Juice


Facebook Curbs Publishers

Voice in Everything

Brands Mum on Super Bowl

Production Houses vs Agencies

BeanCast 478: Everyone's a Scientist


Relationship Science

Retail Thriving or Dying

Buying a Holding Company 

Ads on Echo

BeanCast 477: 2017 Year-End Show


The Live Video Juggernaut

The Vidification of Everything

The High to the Low of OTT

Shopping on Mobile Dominates all Digital

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BeanCast 476: So Very Gassy


Brands Being Social Friends

Understanding ads.cert

The Internet Radio Dilemma

Messenger For Kids

BeanCast 475: $35 for a Microphone


Mobile's Content Future

The Coming Harassment Purge

Facebook Kills an API

Fashion's Retail Problem


The Fallacy of Digital Marketing as a Discipline

Bob examines why there is no place for a distinct discipline of digital marketing (or social media marketing or mobile marketing, for that matter) any more than there is a place for television or print marketing as disciplines.

What Big Company Executives Always Misunderstand About Entrepreneurs

There are many ways the transition from entrepreneurial endeavor to corporate bureaucracy can go off the rails...but misunderstanding the entrepreneurial mindset is the biggest culprit of failed acquisitions.

Recording or Experiencing?

Is the camera a recording device or a seeing device? Is this even an important distinction? Well, a little social unicorn called Snap, Inc. thinks that it’s the latter — and maybe it’s important that we understand why.

Why Google Is Killing Your Keywords

For any of you who spend a majority of your day agonizing over keyword lists and may be shocked to hear that your efforts may soon be superfluous. Here's a look at the newly released functionality of Google’s Dynamic Search Ads.

Talking All-Natural Fast Food

I was invited over to The Willis Report on FOX Business to discuss Taco Bell and Pizza Hut joining the movement toward serving all-natural ingredients in their products. (VIDEO)