Why Wawa Gets It Right

Gottahava Wawa!

Before I start this, complete disclosure: I do not work with Wawa Food Markets

, but I am a HUGE devotee of their concept. I grew up in Philly during their rise, and to this day I can barely resist the urge to pass one by while driving. From the food, to the product offering to the in-store experience, they have always captured my heart.

So given all that, it's no surprise that I became a Facebook fan of the brand. What is a surprise, is to find out that this mid-Atlantic convenience store chain does social media every bit as enthusiastically and effectively as they deliver custom-built hoagies.

I could wax poetic on everything they are doing right, or pick holes in the places they are lacking, but really that wouldn't be very social of me. So instead, I encourage you to check out their Facebook page and see for yourself what's going on there.

Sure you'll find lots of posts and pictures from events, discount announcements and coupon offers, and a world of other activity from the brand. But ignore that. Look at the rest of the page. It is literally FILLED with user activity. People comment on almost every post. Folks share their own pictures from events. People offer suggestions and ideas. It's literally the holy grail of social media — it's a community. 

For a convenience store chain!

If anything proves that social media can be effect for just about any brand, Wawa's effort certainly makes a good case.

Now clearly there is more at play here than just a Facebook effort. The brand has created a promise that is carried out in everything they do, from products to store to advertising. They built loyalty before they ever dreamed of social media. But kudos to them for recognizing Facebook as an optimal way for them to interact with their customers and allow that devotion to be made public. 

And if the brand is listening, I would gladly accept a special delivery of a roast beef hoagie with white american, extra mayo, lettuce, tomato, oregano, salt and pepper, and banana peppers, with some TastyKake lemon pies for dessert.

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