An Interview With Kevin Briody

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The social space is littered with big personalities. Plenty of folks have gotten in early, built up huge followings and are now leveraging their popularity as a launching pad for clients to get the same buzz. For them, popularity has become the calling card for credibility in the social space.

And yet there are so many folks whom you may have never heard of, actively working behind the scenes on social marketing campaigns, delivering tangible results for clients. Are they any less of an expert than their more visible counterparts?

Kevin Briody, Strategic Partnership Director at Ignite Social Media, doesn't think so. Over lunch he shared some compelling thoughts about why a person doesn't need to be a popular blogger or have 40,000 Twitter followers in order to be a strong asset to a client in the social space. Further, he posits that the two approaches are vastly different in terms of what the client gets from each — one often being closer to a media buy, as opposed to getting targeted strategic help.

So click on the AudioBoo I recorded on the subject at the top of this page. I hope you get as much from this as I did.

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