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BeanCast 67: Risky Business


This idea of taking more risks in business is really intriguing.

We get so set in our way in any kind of marketing. We think our results justify our actions and have distilled advertising down to a science. But one thing that years of testing have taught me: To win big you have to throw out the safe approach and do something extraordinary.

My whole business, as well as this podcast, are the result of risk taking. The rebirth of Apple was a giant gamble with change. Taking your entire agency on a tour of your competitors and promoting them along the way (like Plaid Nation does each year) is a giant risk. But you can't win big without playing a big bet.

We've taken the theme of Kelly Eidson's post in Ad Age this week and ran amok with it. But the result was a fascinating discussion of why U.S. marketing needs to assume a little more risk to survive.

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Kelly Eidson, Contributing Writer, Ad Age

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