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BeanCast 72: This Show Was Airbrushed



There's irony in doing a show on disclosure of retouching in ads, and then needing to retouch the show.* Technical difficulties plagued us, but amazingly you won't even notice, such is my skill with sound editing tools. Except, of course that part where Steve disappears from the show entirely and I couldn't reconnect him. But we were almost at the end anyway. So that doesn't count.

All in all, though, this is definitely one of the better programs. Lots of engaged discussion on some fun topics. Hope you all enjoy it.

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Bill Green, Publisher, Make the Logo Bigger (A reminder from Bill to check out The 3six5 Project, a massive year-long blogging effort being assembled by Len Kendall.)

Steve Hall, Editor, AdRants

Angela Natividad, Engagement Strategy Consultant, blogging at Live and Uncensored (See Angela at the Adforum Worldwide Summit in October.)

John Wall, Podcaster/Blogger, Marketing Over CoffeeRonin Marketeer


Just Pay Seth

Advertising "Weak"

Facebook Shuts Down Beacon

Disclosure of Retouching

Scapegoating Ads

Stories To Watch


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