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BeanCast 133: No More Rockstars





Bill Green, Publisher, Make The Logo Bigger, Co-Host of AdVerve

Angela Natividad, Writer/Marketer, Live and Uncensored, Co-Host of Adverve

John J. Wall, Co-Host, Marketing Over Coffee

Ken Wheaton, Managing Editor, Ad Age


Facebook Comes Into It's Own (more traffic than google, more ad options, redesigns, privacy, LIKES, OpenGraph, 500 millions users, swing elections, Places, quit movement, movie...etc)

Data Privacy

Stalker Ads

The Rise of Location-Based Efforts (And the Cyber-Stalking and Extortion (Yelp) consequences)

PR Troubles

  • BP's PR Debacle (I want my life back)
  • Toyota's PR Debacle (Jane, Stop this crazy thing!)
  • NBC's PR Debacle (Conan)
  • H&M's PR Debacle (Throwing Out Coats)
  • WalMart's PR Debacle (Throwing Out Food)
  • Nestle's PR Debacle (Consider yourself embraced)
  • Apple's iPhone 4 PR Debacle (Antennae gate)
  • JetBlue's PR Debacle (Employee freakout)

Mobile Giving Gets the Glory (Haiti Relief)

Google's Battles With China

The iPad -- Publishings Savior...uh huh (And iAds)

Google Buzz, Google Instant, Android and the demise of Google Wave

Sexism In Super Bowl Ads

Olympics Time-Shifting Furor

Twitter in Search of a Revenue Model

What's acceptable On TV (Diet ads in spain, plus size model too curvy for underwear ad, Trojan "massager" ad)

World Cup Ads

Crowdsourcing and UGC Backlash

Social Couponing Craze

Bogusky "Retires"

The Old Spice Guy

Affiliate Links In The News

Pepsi Refresh

GAP Logo

Stories To Watch:

  • Yahoo/Bing
  • Transparency vs. Privacy
  • Google Self-Driving Car
  • NFL Lockout?
  • Google Moves One Social


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