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BeanCast 181: The 2011 Year-End Wrap-Up





Saul Colt, Consultant,

Bill Green, Creative Strategist, BFG Communications (Listen to Adverve)

Anthony Kalamut, Advertising Program Director, Seneca College

Angela Natividad, Digital Strategist, E2C2 (Listen to Adverve)


  • Starbucks Logo Change
  • Instagram
  • Tablets and Magazines (iPad 2 and mags / Kindle / Fire / Samsung, etc)
  • Eric Schmidt Steps Down At Google
  • Social Measurement
  • iTunes Passes 10 Billion Apps
  • Groupon As Darling, Then Scapegoat (Social Goes Local)
  • Twitter Repeatedly Blamed for Rioting And Terror Organizing
  • The Buying of HuffPo by AOL (How it changes they're ad offerings)
  • J.C. Penney Gets Outted for Black Hat SEO
  • Mobile Purchasing (Apps, Tools, NFC)
  • Chysler's Tweet of Shame
  • QR Madness
  • Google Introduces the +1
  • The Ad-Supported Kindle
  • Mobile Phones Revealed To Be Tracking Your Every Move For Ad Targeting
  • PlayStation Network Shutdown
  • Empire Avenue and Klout
  • The Renaissance of LinkedIn (profitable, big IPO, ect.)
  • Netflix Ruins It's Business
  • Legislating Against "Happy Meals"
  • Facebook Opens Commenting Without Likes
  • Launch of Google+
  • Hulu To Be Sold
  • NewsCorp's PR (and Legal) Disaster
  • Post Office Reaches an Impasse
  • Twitter's Keeps Playing With It's Ad Model
  • The Changing Balances Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • Apple After Steve Jobs


  • Future of Techcrunch
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Airlines and Social Seating
  • Agency-Funded Start-ups

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