The BeanCast

BeanCast Special 3: 2011 Outtakes Special




The annual outtakes show is now officially live!

If you've never experienced this before, you are in for a treat. We take the funniest outtakes from the show each year and string them together into a half hour of fun. I always try to be humble about it, but it really is hilarious and worth checking out. However, be warned. I leave this show unedited for language, so you need to be ready for a few swear words. And in the case of Ann Handley, many, many swear words.

Hope you enjoy the program. And please remember, I'd love some more Twitter followers to continue the conversation there. Just follow @TheBeanCast.

This week's show is sponsored by Use the coupon code "BeanCast" to receive 500 FREE spending credits.

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