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BeanCast 77: It's A Conspiracy



I'm running out of superlatives for my shows. Each one is like a little island of sanity for me these days. So if I go with that metaphor, this island was like the one from Lost — full of intrigue and suspense.

Okay, maybe more like Gilligan's Island. But the whole lost on a desert island thing still applies.

And as usual, we went to places we never intended with some awesome insights. But one thing I swear I've finally learned: Never throw the first question up without directing it to somebody. You'd think after all the times I've done that and have been met by silence, I would realize that it just doesn't work.

And speaking of Twitter...okay, I didn't speak of Twitter. But if I had, I would ask you to add me to your Twitter profile. I'm TheBeanCast. As always, thanks for listening and please add a positive review to iTunes if you like the show.


C.C. Chapman, Principal, Campfire (Also read C.C.'s blog, Digital Dads, listen to his podcast Managing the Gray and get all the latest from everywhere else at

Bill Green, Publisher, Make the Logo Bigger (Also check out AdVerve, Bill's podcast with Angela Natividad.)

Len Kendall, Digital Account Supervisor, Golin Harris (He also blogs at Constructive Grumpiness and is the founder ofthe3six5 project.)

Åsk Wäppling, CEO,


Pissed At Procurement

Multi-Level Crowdsourcing

Royal Post in Peril

Pressless PR

Microsoft "Shocked"

Stories To Watch
  • The End of Cliff Freeman
  • The Twitter/Google/Yahoo!/Bing Search Deal
  • International Domain Names on the Horizon
  • Twitter Lists


Opening Theme, Joe Sibol (pick up his latest album on iTunes)

Closing Theme, CJACKS

(Find more music from both artists at


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