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BeanCast 76: More Than Just Mail


I got all the way through the show before it hit me just how much of a powerhouse lineup we had on the program tonight. I mean I knew these guys were big names, but every once in a while I get a flash of perspective and realize just how cool having this show can be.

With this group it was a complete treat to be a host. They were all sharp talkers who knew the subjects well and provided energetic debate on the subjects at hand. I could barely get a word in edgewise. Like I said on Twitter earlier, if you don't listen to this episode I'll have to personally come out and smack you.

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Edward Boches, Chief Creative Officer/Chief Social Officer, Mullen (Edward also blogs at Creativity Unbound)

Joseph Jaffe, President and Chief Interrupter, Crayon (Also check out Joe's blog at Jaffe Juice and his podcasts and video programs at

Ben Kunz, Director of Strategic Planning, Mediassociates (He also blogs at Thought Gadgets)

James P. Othmer, Author, The Futurist and Adland (James Blogs at BRANDED by James P. Othmer and look for his next novel, Holy Water in June 2010)


The Direct Brand

Social Creativity

Placement or Creativity?

More Screens, But Not More Ads

Hulu Bad For Business?

Stories To Watch
  • The Nook and Kindle
  • Major Car Brand Goes In Review
  • Clarkson Retouching Scandal Will Lead To FTC Review
  • Publishing Price Wars
  • Direction for Direct


Opening Theme, Joe Sibol (pick up his latest album on iTunes)

Closing Theme, CJACKS

(Find more music from both artists at


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