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BeanCast 84: 2009 Year-End Wrap-Up Show


It's been a busy year. And this is the annual show that tries to highlight all the biggest and more interesting parts of the past 12 months.

I won't wax poetic. Just listen to the show. It's a long one, but well worth your time. And thanks for helping us have so much success during 2009. The BeanCast couldn't have gotten where it is today without listeners like you. Thanks for your support this year and here's to an even bigger, better BeanCast slate in 2010.

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Bill Green, Publisher, Make the Logo Bigger (Also check out AdVerve)

Angela Natividad, Marketing Director, Hypios, and blogging at Live and Uncensored (Also check out AdVerve)

George Parker, Publisher, AdScam/The Horror! (Get George's latest book, The Ubiquitous Persuaders

John Wall, Podcaster/Blogger, Marketing Over CoffeeRonin Marketeer


  • The Year of Online Video
  • Who Should Lead The Account?
  • Folding and Merging Shops
  • The Great Re-Branding
  • The Race to 1 Million
  • Living With Bailouts and Stimulus
  • Ford as the Golden Child
  • Death of Newspapers
  • Pay-Per-Post / Blogger Payola / FTC reg
  • Social Experiments
  • The Year of #fail
  • WWF Ad / Fake Ad Controversy
  • Search Wars
  • Social Terms of Service Fiascos / Balancing Privacy
  • Cyrus Mehri and Racism on Madison Avenue
  • Celebrity Brands in Trouble
  • Comcast buys NBC
  • Crowdsourcing

Trends To Watch in 2010
  • Real-Time Search
  • Google Buys Twitter?
  • Google Wave


Opening Theme, Joe Sibol (pick up his latest album on iTunes)

Closing Theme, CJACKS

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