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BeanCast Special 1: 2009 Outtakes Special


The request I've gotten more than any other by both guests and listeners has been for an uncensored outtakes show. People seem to really like the idea of hearing what was said off-the-record. And luckily, I always record that part too. ;)

So with the permission of my guests and a lot of good humor, we're proud to offer you the funniest outtakes we've captured over the last 12 months. So far everyone who's heard it has let me know what a blast it is, and I hope you enjoy it as well. Thanks for listening and here's to an even bigger, better 2010 slate of BeanCast shows.

2009 Guest List:

Ana Andjelic

Jonah Bloom


Eamon Boyle

Chris Brogan

David Burn

C.C. Chapman

David Cherry

Kristi Faulkner

Kelly Eidson

Duane Forrester

Al Gadbut

Bill Green

Dan Goldgeier

Hal Goodtree

Steve Hall

Joseph Jaffe

Spike Jones

Len Kendall

Peter Kim

Abbey Klaassen

Ben Kunz

Matt McDermott

Scott Monty

Brian Morrissey

Angela Natividad

Darryl Ohrt

James P. Othmer

George Parker

Walter Pike

Erik Proulx

Richard Rosen

Ian Schafer

Rob Schwartz

Peter Shankman

Dirk Singer

Aaron Strout

Jamie Turner

Greg Verdino

David Vogeleer

John Wall

Åsk Wäppling

Ken Wheaton

Hadji Williams

Dave Wilke

Alan Wolk

Becky Worley

Opening Theme, Joe Sibol (pick up his latest album on iTunes)
Closing Theme, CJACKS
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