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BeanCast 63: Ducks Gone Wild


I knew I was in trouble before we even started recording. George was on a tear and dragging the rest of us in his wake as soon as he connected for the call. But after we got through discussions about rapist ducks, the SEO value of Paris Hilton doing obscene things to plastic ducks, and a quick search of Wikipedia on the subject of duck mating habits, we managed to actually record a show.

Luckily the show part channeled all that duck-inspired sexual tension into some engaging discussion you won't want to miss. So download it now. Before the ducks arrive. And have their way with you.

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Angela Natividad, Blogger, Live and Uncensored

George Parker, Publisher, AdScam/The Horror! (Get George's latest book, The Ubiquitous Persuaders. Also read his tribute to David Ogilvy in Brand Republic and see his blog for info on his trip to NYC on 8/20.)

Greg Verdino, Chief Strategy Officer, Crayon (Greg also blogs here and look for his book, microMarketing in bookstores next year.)


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