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BeanCast 64: Chinese Food And Bruce Lee


This was a fascinating week for deciding on topics. Yahoo! and Bing hashed out a deal. GM's Bob Lutz and his remarks became heated topics of debate. Cash for clunkers was a huge controversy. But it was my little alternative subject in the original topics list that rose to be our lead-in discussion.

As soon as I began to pose questions to listeners and guests alike, we were on fire with the discussion over Chinese brands and the growing importance of China to our economy. Some news outlets had taken to calling this past week's US/China meetings as a "G2" summit, denoting the advent of China as the sole rival to U.S. economic supremacy.

It was a great discussion and one you won't soon forget. And believe it or not, the show gets even better from there.

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GM's Lutz In Spotlight

Cash For Clunkers

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