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BeanCast 85: It Tastes Like Cardboard


Anybody in data recovery out there willing to help a poor podcaster?

Yes, I ended the year (literally on New Year's Eve) with a failure of my primary hard drive. All of my client and show data was backed up within a day or so, but inevitably I managed to loose more than I'd like. I've written it off to a crappy end to a crappy year.

But on the good side, the experience has inspired an awesome blog post for tomorrow, a time capsule set up for constant back ups and a can-do attitude that created this particular show.

And like I said during the episode, I really can't think of a better group to start the year off with. Steve and Bill are perennial friends of the show and Erik is the maker of a movie all about overcoming adversity. Sounds good, right? Believe me -- it was. So give it a download. And happy new year.

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Bill Green, Publisher, Make the Logo Bigger (Also check out AdVerve)

Steve Hall, Editor, AdRants (Also check out AdGabber)

Erik Proulx, Blogger/Filmmaker, Please Feed The Animals (Also check out his movie, Lemonade)


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