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BeanCast 86: Worse Than Cancer



It was just an off-hand comment by Angela at the end of recording, but when she contrasted data loss with cancer it seemed the perfect theme for the show.

Mobile is on the rise not because of convenience, but because we can't be separated from our data. Google is pushing the boundaries for lead generation because we need more data. Local business are leaping into the digital space because they can no longer compete without embracing a data-driven future.

So the idea of losing data has indeed become worse than cancer. Not sure how I feel about that. But not sure my feelings matter at this point.

So what the heck! Give me more data and add me to your Twitter profile if you haven't done so already. I'm TheBeanCast. As always, thanks for listening and please add a positive review to iTunes if you like the show.


Christopher Baccus, Publisher, The Auto Marketing Blog

Bret Bernhoft, Partner, InsYght

Al Gadbut, President, AcquireWeb

Angela Natividad, Marketing Director Hypios (Angela also writes for Culture Buzz, blogs at Live and Uncensored and is co-host of AdVerve)


Mobile Madness

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Google Divided

H&M's Trash

Social For Social Good

Stories To Watch
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  • Zuckerberg Says Age of Privacy Over
  • Facebook Removes Microsoft Ads
  • The Leno/Conan/NBC Drama


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