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Date: 14-Aug-2018

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For Monday, August 13th 2018 it's time for this week's edition of the being cast a weekly discussion about the views and issues facing marketers. Today. I'm your host, Bob Thornton. Thanks for joining us.


In the wake of faced with recent issues. Youtubes continued growth has positioned too soon overtake the social giant as the number two most traffic site online. So how concerned should face book be? If at all? Tonight will the skulls also brands co-opting feminist causes whether content is tied more to search or social county forbids watching in your buys


plus this week's fell five. That's the lineup. Lets me tonight. Thanks for joining us for this week's been cast. I'm Bob more. And with me on the panel for this evening, we start with digital marketing expert than principle of betel moment marketing MS Emily bender Emily, welcome how Bob thank you so much for having me back. It's great to be here. My pleasure to have you on the


program always know next up we have a founding partner of brain trust partners and principle of Scott Monti strategies mister Scott Monti's here. Hi Scott a bomb. It's a pleasure to be back in your post 500 era. I know I've been doing this for way too long, and finally we're pleased to welcome the director of marketing communication's a cuisinart MS Mary Rogers, Mary. Thank you for being here. Thank you so much for having me. It's a real pleasure.


Well, look, we've got a lot to cover someone to jump right into the topics and first up with Facebook dipping in usage and YouTube surging experts claim that soon the video site will surpass the social Jain in terms of popularity, which brings up a host of questions for me, Scott, most notably being. Does this impact where we focus or add programs going forward? Do you feel that this move from second place to 3rd place will have negative impact on Facebooks add


potential and its revenue? As always Bobby opposed most interesting and thought provoking questions [laughter]. Well, thank you [laughter]. Don't know whether to take that seriously not. No, no, no, it's it's absolutely true and Kenya that it's the foot patter while I try and actually do not pay a position here. Look, it's it's a matter of looking at overall digital budgets and seeing how much


they're expanding. I think we've seen a growing percentage year on year, and of course the question is, what do you do with your budget given limited options? And obviously Facebook seems to be at least in the last three or so years has been increasing exponentially. In in terms of ad span, but the attention and and the focus where we have the audience, I think it's really


interesting. And having a household with a couple of adolescence of eventually got up a twelve year old and a fifteen year old and watching their their viewing habits. And their interactions online is really interesting because a couple of things are happening. They spend an inordinate amount of time on YouTube that that's pretty much they're they're option for television. And even when they get on T v. and we've got


Hulu and net flicks and Amazon prime and and and the like, they'll pull up you two videos on the T v. system. So you know they're they're really spending an awful lot of time on YouTube itself with regard to face Facebook, they're not on it. They're on Instagram, which is of course, part of the Facebook network. And we've seen the rise of Instagram stories and more video content happening in Instagram. Video is clearly the future as far as the younger generation


goes. And when you consider the way YouTube presents its ads, you only have one option it, it, it's it's one screen in a with Facebook. There can be split attention. It can be in a news feed, it can be in the side Barak be sponsored. It can be parts of stories. It was a lot of different ways to present your your ads on Facebook. So. Again, it's not an either or kind of decision, but it's you know, how are you impacting the audience that is spending the


most high money sites? And when you look at the younger demographics, they are certainly spending more time with video content in general and more time with YouTube specifically. Yeah, we we talked a lot about that last week on the program about Japan's e- and how the the most popular social quote unquote social site out there for Japan's e- is YouTube, which is really kind of eye opening in terms of the growth patterns here. But when you read the articles, I mean, I like your


measured approach to dealing with this situation. I mean, you're saying that there are some uses for each of the platforms, and I would agree with that. I think that everything has its place in the in the ad mix. But when you read the articles this week. When they were reporting on this news, it was almost like it was the apocalypse for Facebook, that somehow by being number three in the market place, it was some girl gonna lose lots of our attention as far as ads spend and potentially


put them in the toilet in terms of their ad revenue. Mary, do you believe that that would be the case, or do you think that maybe things were a little bit overblown in the press and that Facebook continues to have a place? It's important to us and our admits. Well, I mean, I I think there's a couple of things that matter. What one is you know? Who is your customer? Who is your audience and where are they spending their time?


And for us, you know, there's let me know for us, Facebook is is really important. But we also we also use instrument. We also use you to we also use lots of different platforms. But I mean, I think that the thing with Facebook is because organic has pretty much gone by doesn't exist anymore. I'm relatively, you have to spend money on Facebook in order to make me don't get any. Type of reach out


of it. I I don't think that it's going away, I think. Yes, it probably like most the stories in the news now they're very overstated are overblown and you know, I I think that every marketer has to decide what is best for the consumers that they're serving and the consumers that they want to bring in to their brand family. You know, you bring up the word reach and that's a really important


word in all this. Because when you look at what youtubes giving to the advertiser, it's giving pure play old-fashioned reaching frequency. It's giving the opportunity to get in front of eyeballs and make an impression. Facebook has been used like that because it does have the biggest audience or one of the biggest engaged audience is out there, but it's a much different engagement is in an MRI. I mean, when you're when you're actually


working with Facebook, you've got a a whole different mindset in a whole different engagement going on with your customer. So how do you how do you balance between the two? Is it have we been using Facebook incorrectly by going for reach? And should we be focused more on a little bit more targeting with our ads on this platform? Well, first, I think we should make sure that we understand what this rating is about from from what I got. It was

00:08:59 comparison, It's not taking into account the entire ecosystem, including Instagram and the face looked up right. I assumed it was taking into account all interactions on all the site. So I mean, yeah, it's probably nod accounting for Instagram because Instagram would be is separate sites like YouTube suffer from Google. I mean, Google is obviously the number one traffic site. As of this. As of this article, as of this writing and Facebook is number two about to become number


three. So I would assume that its accounting for all traffic on all mobile devices and all on all desktops, but I could be wrong. Great, well, either way, Facebook dotcom obviously is slipping I think that's a function of it being a desktop site or on a mobile browsers, people are in apps and the ecosystem, though a Facebook isn't and like Scott said, you have so many more options for placements. And I think there are more effective ads doing


doing a YouTube ad is more difficult. It has to be so much stronger of an ad to get clacks to get engagement to not be scrapped. Mary what do you think about that? I mean, it's like I I understand what Emily saying, we've got a situation where YouTube has a captive audience and people are waiting for that little countdown time or to say, I can click off this at all the time. So if you wanna get engagement, you need to have some kind of special content. But his Facebook


all that much more engaging in an effective in its advertisements than than YouTube. I mean, I think it depends on what you're trying to accomplish. You know, we we used both obviously, we focus on YouTube with their product that's called true view. So you want you only pay if the if the consumers actually supposedly doing it? You know, I we we look at it is.


Per biding different types of content to our consumers at different times, we tend to use things like on YouTube for more commercially present. More commercialized advertisements wherewith on Facebook were able to serve consumers a multitude of content. You could serve them. You know a recipe content you could serve them, you know, contests, you can serve them things that are more relative to them as far as getting


them engaged is as a consumer. So we we look at social media as more engagement. We look at things like YouTube as an advertising platform. Not that we haven't advertised on Facebook, either. Pure advertising. And for me, that's the crux of the issue. I mean, they're very different platform. So I mean the whole doom and gloom that somehow because Facebook is number three, they're going to go down. The toilet doesn't really float with


me. There's still an important place for Facebook to to be in the ad mix and to continue to add value to the advertising that we're doing. One interesting thing that came up in my mind when I was kind of preparing for this story was up until Facebook watch. I would have argued that they the two platforms radically different businesses. Facebook is very much a social platform and YouTube is a video content platform. But with


Facebook watch those that overlap now make this news a little bit more importance, Scott, you know, because if Facebook is losing traction at a critical juncture where they're trying to enter into video streaming in a big way, does that affect their future business plans? Well, the couple of things, Bob one I think face book is, is just getting beaten up right now and and folks should feel free to pile on. That


there seems to be a chink in their armor that hadn't been there before, and and people are just hammering away. So I think that's part of this news cycle that we're seeing that folks are trying to dig at them in any given capacity. The other thing is, I think marries point is spot on. You know that that YouTube is very much all about viewing. It really isn't about engaging. I mean, have you ever spent any time


looking at comments under YouTube videos hits completely a waste of your time [laughter]. Absolutely. So you know to think of YouTube as a quote, unquote social network. Yeah. In the strictest sense it is, but there's really no useful dialogue. I mean, it, it devolves faster than Twitter. She followed anything there. So. You know, I think given that Facebook has consciously moved into putting video first.


And in a back when I was at four day, they made a very concerted effort to push us into posting more video. Initially, it was post more images and then you know you're so later was post more videos. You know, this is the direction they chose to move, and certainly with mobile being so strong video plays really well when he had couple that up with again, what's going on with Instagram and Instagram focus on video now it all makes sense. So I think Facebook might see itself as


being competitive with you too, but I don't think you needs to feel any threat whatsoever, nor do I think. Facebook needs to worry about declining. A relevancy given the the the the swath of options that they have four interaction with with users and fans. And I mean, just a few weeks ago I saw that Facebook was focusing more on interaction and engagement and focusing the news feed more and what your friends and


family C rather than simply whoever bought their way onto your newsfeed. So I think Facebook is absolutely doubling down on its social network status while trying to accomplish more via video. You know, it's interesting to bring this point up because this is another thing that I was thinking on when I was preparing for this particular topic. I mean, YouTube. Does does YouTube actually show more long term vulnerability by not having the level of conversation in community


connection that Facebook has? I mean, despite being the number two traffic website pretty soon, and despite the fact that video is such a popular platform such an above popular form of online content, despite the fact that Google is giving extra juice to your your videos in terms of search results. And in really bolstering that portion of the business is their lack of conversation around video is their


lack of social engagement actually an achilles heel Emily in- in, do they need to worry about that? No, I don't think so because it's been so successful to this point and growing like crazy, maybe in part because it doesn't have all of that interaction. And because the comments are full of trolls, and you kind of know that when you go in there and it is just an engagement viewing experienced like Instagram used to be when you would just look at photos and that was that it was a discovery


platform. And people spend time on YouTube. I mean, this is the platform rewards creators for not only having more minutes to watch watched on a video, but keeping user on the platform to watch more videos with a recommendation engine. So it doesn't think so different from Facebook. And Furthermore, I would put my eggs if I were a concrete or making video in youtubes basket because it is part of obviously Google search ecosystem and Facebooks days are numbered. Were all having this


complete privacy concern? Melee. And you know if you've ever tried to video out called portal, which is a totally different model, I think that's actually the way things are headed. So charisma, you really you really believe that Facebook is on the way out the door within a few years? Sure. Yeah. Well, I'm not sure that I agree with you. Anybody else? Agree with that. I mean, Mary, do you think that Facebooks out the door, or are they going to figure out some way to turn it around and and still


remain relevant? I mean, I they're they're a a a huge animal right now. I mean, they have a huge presents. I don't mean they are definitely getting beaten down right now. They have gone through some really tough times in the last few months. Do I think they're going to go away to Morrow? I don't think so. I think that they appeal to a certain type of consumer. I also think that for me, when you look at YouTube, I think of YouTube is an


educational platform and an entertainment platform. I like I need to figure out how to. Fix a piece of luggage I I go to YouTube, I tape and fix a piece of luggage bottle blah. And you get your answer. It's I mean, it's different. Then you know is searching for something on Google. You know that you're gonna find videos that I tell you how to fix your problem. So I think it's like completely different platforms for completely different reasons. And they both have different strength. I think that.


Yes. Facebook is obviously the the social network, and I believe YouTube is more like I said and entertainment, content creation, a platform. Where are you going to become educated and entertained? And Scott, any last words on this, any less thoughts? I mean, do you think that. Facebooks going anywhere. No [laughter] that with Emily? No. I said in a few years I'm not tomorrow. I'm not selling my Facebook stock now,


but [laughter] are moving toward models where it's a person to person payment or its free museum and the the content quality increases. So that's going to become more and more important because it's just getting so noisy. And the privacy concerns are younger. People dot. I like it. And it has happened before I mean, we've seen as many people have said often on this program in out in the in the public


square that my space was once the king of social and where a space now, yeah, absolutely. The Yahoo frankly, they definitely have that the possibility of going away, I just don't think that there that's going to happen to them. I think that. We've got Facebook for a long time become maybe not at the dominant position. It's always been, but potentially as an important player for years and years, I mean, especially considering their investments. And look, they've,


they've got Instagram, they've got what's up, they've got messenger, they've got Facebook proper in a if the government came along and wanted to regulate Facebook and break them up like so many mob bells, look Facebook could still have 5 4 viable platforms on its hands standing alone. And maybe maybe Facebook proper might fade away. And you see more of a focus on those those standard messaging. You know, seeing a lot of people


getting away from the public and more private one on one or one too few communications, which of course, as as advertisers marketers, it makes our job inordinately more difficult to interrupt these private sessions. But I think Facebook has a lock on the future. No matter which way it turns. Right? I am. I was Facebook, the app, Facebook, proper, not insignificant. What's aperture? That's very valuable stuff on clarify. Well, moving on American eagles, airy brand recently ran a


powerful campaign featuring Olympic gymnasts alley rise men wearing a survivor swimsuit obviously in reference to the situation with the with the Olympic coach who abused her, which is bringing up a side issue of some know with some people. What is it o k for brand to take up the cause like this Mary and when should we stay away? This is a really gutsy move for any brand to take up too.


There's nothing gutsy about standing up against sexual abuse. Obviously, that's a stand that we all can get behind. But to be seen as co up in, this is a potential, huge liability for any brand. One, may you what makes this okay? Whereas for another branda wouldn't be okay. Well, I feel like I'm stepping into a minefield, but I'll I'll take it [laughter]. Well, I think. That


basically, you have to have this inherent in the DNA of the brand. Basically, it has to be a natural fit. It can't be attached to a brand that has really long heritage that, you know, it's been around possibly for a super long time that has no relevance to this subject matter. I think that, you know, being that you know it is it's a very, very,


very risky thing to do to pet because of the subject matter. Obviously. And I think that for brands, you have to think really long and hard about it, because if the consumer to me now, they'll they'll hammer you if they believe that you are trying to capitalize on. You know, occurred our current of cultural subject matter. That is. You know,


they know that you're selling on it, and I I think that's that's where you have to be very, very careful. That is where the risk is. I know it's it's you could have the best year could have the best situation. You could be a brand that has been in this cause fights situation for years and years and years. You're transparent or in your authentic about everything that you've done for this cause. And you can still get yourself in trouble just because someone out there in the mob mentality of


Twitter decides that somehow they're offended by what you've done, and suddenly you're playing damage control instead of reaping the benefits of associating with this cause. And you know, I mean, I think back to all those brands thinking are falling here fallen heroes on 9 11 and all the backlash that came from that. Scott, you know, you've worked at a big brand you've dealt with these issues on the social platforms. Is there ever a right time to take up a


cause like this in your opinion, or is this something that you would have stayed away from? Well, I I think Mary makes an excellent point that you know, what are you? What are you doing day to day? What is your brand stand for that would make it not such a net not look like such a knee jerk reaction. Not look like some kind of you know, jumping on a trend, reactionary approach or even Morris make it something that is completely unrelated to your brand? You know, I


was just reading the the latest Rhone pharaoh expose God, help you if grown in pharaoh starts so looking into your business. The latest one was about less moon vests and Sylvia C b. s.. And about 30 women saying that, not just less moon vest, but a number of executives throughout the C b. S organization having this kind of. In a free. Did this sense that they could


freely act toward women in a way that we we have come to realize is not to be tolerated? And at the same time at the end of last year, just as the me two movement was really reaching an apex moon vest became a prominent voice in the movement. He helped to found the commission on eliminating sexual harassment and advocating or advancing equality in the workplace at you. Talk about a cognitive dissonance there about


in a completely antithetical to the way you were. You ran your business and the way your corporate culture was in what you yourself, did you know, that kind of thing. Just smacks of hypocrisy and opportunism. And maybe even self preservation in some cases rather than being something that sounds like it is part of the company's DNA or part of an executives DNA. And people. They absolutely can see through the us


and they appreciate authenticity. And when the authenticity shines through, that's when a brand stands to benefit, not simply by jumping on the bandwagon. And I think it's important for us to distinguish between cause marketing and lightning rod issue marketing. And because what you're bringing up is at the heart of my conversation I wanted to talk about and I'm going to go to Emily next with this. I mean, you know, with a lightning rod issue like the me two movement or the time's up


hash tag again in in actually supporting in getting behind this issue. Is authenticity enough is continued support in a history of supporting the issue enough, or should these issues be actually only taken up if you have say an organization that. It is maybe a female led company or has actually


walked the walk in significant ways. Is that the only time this issue should be taken up by a company is when it is actually represents the identity of the company. Well, ideally you would be doing something more than just showing that through your company culture and you're hiring and. Other beliefs that you have that you support it and you you walk the lock mean also donating to an organization


associated with these causes. That would be better if it is a minefield though. Well, that's what I mean, this one. I mean, it's just like, yeah. From a from a logic standpoint, if your company is supporting feminist issues and has always been a very feminist oriented company in has good hiring practices and good promotion practices. Theoretically, that companies should be allowed to do a program that supports feminist issues like the me two movement.


However, you know in this certain in this troop, sure tickler environment is it just opening up the opportunity for all kinds of potential backlash unless the company itself. Maybe a female led company or somebody who is so entrenched in feminism that there is no possibility of any kind of backlash coming back at them. Well, if they are walking a lot, like I said, they shouldn't have a problem if somebody


starts looking up their skirt, like Scott was talking about what this investigator and it turns out that they're are not actually upholding these practices and creating a safe working environment it, it's a problem. But you know you shouldn't be too afraid to stand up for what's right. And if enough brands are on board with this, it makes everybody feel safer and it normalizes it, which is what we need. Yeah, and that brings up another point, which is, does the issue itself need to be separated


from the promotional practices? I mean, Mary obviously airy, took it upon themselves to really embraces in a four in the form of an advertising programme instead of in may maybe by doing a much more quieter campaign of actual feminist causes and actually supporting feminist causes behind the scenes and actually walking the walk as opposed to promoting it. It seems like actually taking that step toward the


promotional liners taken a step over the promotional line is the potential problem here. It's not the issue of actually supporting the causes right. Now I agree. It's I mean, the thing is that you know, they took somebody who was a main. You know, a person who has had a main testimonial in in in this situation with these girls, and she was actually almost


acting as the spokesperson at the conduit in, I'm saying, just her presence. So I mean, I think that that's what made it strawn because she supported it. Where you know it's a lot different, if a if a brand is trying to ride the coat tails of something in in a different way where they're trying to capitalize something of the moment. And we've all seen this happened with brands that they tried to just get on the bandwagon


because it's the thing at the moment, and it's getting a lot of attention and they wanna, you know they wanted. They want to write it basically. I would think it was all a little bit a little bit different in a way. I think. And that's a really, really good point. That idea that if you have the person who is actually been at the center of the controversy supporting your effort, that's a whole different animal as opposed to just taking up the cause and riding the coattails, which is probably


never a good idea in today's climate, especially considering the fact that Twitter wool absolutely roast you alive. If you make any kind of miss step in that process. And this is going to cause you lots of headaches down the line. Well, moving on, I read a passively interesting piece about why social is important to your content marketing. It was obviously very self serving written by a social media experts. So there we have it, but it left me thinking that content is also


just as much about search optimization as it is about social. And now with increasing audience skepticism about social as a whole Emily, which is the more important area to focus on, in your opinion, do we need to refocus or thinking about content marketing really doubled down on those on the search value that were creating for the inbound traffic to the web site? Or do we really need to amp up our


social presence and in use the content to feed our social discourse, which is the more important thing for you and how do we put together a mix? That makes sense. In today's climate. Although most important thing is voice search, that's all you need [laughter]. That's where the ball is headed, and these kinds of articles focus on exactly what's happening right now. Where is the ball today. So it's important to kind of keep that in mind to answer your question though. I think you


should be on both by if you own your own house, it's always better than renting. I e- if you're making content at least have a copy of it on your own site. If it's a video, you need to have that somewhere. Not just on Facebook are just on LinkedIn because then you're giving your stuff to that other landlord and it's dangerous because they may not they might not be around for long. Like I said, buff Facebook earlier, nobody wants to believe me on that. But. Yeah, I would have thought all my eggs in


one basket almost. Certainly, you don't want to have all your content on the social platform itself. I mean, it's obviously got to be a strategy that striving traffic back to yourself, which is why this article was making such a big deal about the fact that you need to hone your social media skills, and you can't just creek content without social, supporting it and surrounding it. But given the fact that Google is the number one traffic website in YouTube is


growing in possibly supplanting social, the social impact of what's going on Facebook and Twitter is a distant. Me also ran. You know, you've got a situation where you the search optimization seems to be the more important thing to worry about, right? Right, right. Well, I've always thought of social as complementary or additive, or way to share what you are doing on your own site or your own blog. It's a way to amplify it


and share it. Get get more heads, and especially if you do it quickly and on the right days of the week than you can hit this gold mine. But it's kind of a game, and it does take a lot of time and effort, and essentially 24 7 monitoring because you can have add fails left and right there on her show every week. And actually, I don't want to encourage people, not that bad bills because you know it's the slight we've been getting pretty good. They're harder and harder to find. Love to have a little bit of mistake going on in the marketplace. Hey, Mary,


once the balance for you guys. I mean, how do you balance between the social value of your content versus the search impact value in which is more important for you and how you balance between the two? So we actually used a few lab social listening tools to actually drive on what we actually produce for content. So we try to stay on top of this subject


matters that are relevant to our brand up, if they so just think recipes, cooking, entertainment. You know, we actually do a lotta research before we actually produced the content. So this way they were producing content that consumers would be engaged and we have a higher chance at fixed assets. So but we what we do is we planted out across all of our channels social lab digital, and we kind of knit everything together.


We are in a in a much better place than some of our competitors because we were able to produce a lot of content both in and out of house. So that is a big help for us because one of the struggles and the durables categories marketers have a really hard time, just investing and developing new content. And that's an area that we hadn't egg salad. And so we use it across all platforms


we use, you know, we we develop a lot of video specifically, and that's something that we're really successful with our consumers are really engaged in. And we we actually use it across all platforms. And Scott, any thoughts of from your end of things. I mean, you were known back in the day for being the social king. I know that that's kind of only a portion of what you do. You do so much more than that, but what's your thoughts on this? I mean, is social actually


shrinking and importance or still is important it ever is in your content game? Well, I think it, it. Continues to to hold some level of importance. I don't think it's it's everything. I think we will what's happened over the last, let's say five years or so is that there's been so much a focus on the the


technical side on how can we better reach people? How can we maximize reach? You know, how can we how can we take the the classic advertising and marketing practices and apply them to social? I think. You know the the thing that worked well for us at Ford is we got human beings out there. Interacting with people on social and sharing the content.


So you you had a combination of content marketing of social interaction, not just by the brand, but by brand managers by communications folks by a lot of people personally. And that in turn drove up search results from a whole variety of areas. You know, not just the the standard in a go- going to Google and searching, but it might come through YouTube. It might come through forums, it might come off of social sites themselves.


But you had this human element that the social part of social media, right? Not just that it's a social network, but that there are actual people, socializing, having conversations debating things, backing things up with good quality content with fantastic videos or blog posts, or whatever, whatever the content might be. To actually contribute to the conversation which in turn fed the cycle for


search. So just to to kind of reiterate what Mary Emily said, it's it's not an either or it's an all in and it's doing the best you can in any of those scenarios. You find yourself in. Good points, good points, all less topic. If you're binge watching any ad supported streaming content these days, you are undoubtedly familiar with the endless repetition of the same ad over and over again episode after episode,


same pod, repeating repeating repeating which leads me to wonder Mary, are we missing opportunities in story telling and how can we take advantage of it? It seems that were were just running our T v. commercials without understanding that people were there to watch maybe seven episodes in a row. And we have an unprecedented ability to tell a longer story that can evolve over the course of say, sovereign ours. Well, I mean, I think


storytelling in advertising on a continuing is definitely something new. I think that the. The big issue is. Holding marketing marketers back is that now you're producing, you know, super high quality content more. Ah, that more often. And I think that it's a budgetary choice. Basically. That's what I that's what I thought as well. I mean, I'm listening


to reading this article, kind of thinking about it, and it comes down to this is all budgetary constraint. That's keeping us from actually taking advantage of this tremendous opportunity. And I'm wondering, are we missing a really valuable resource just because were not appropriately spending our money where it needs to be spent? I mean, I think that, you know I mean, I think about, you know myself like it if you want to produce the type of content that with


a line with those, that type of programming, its its high cost content. It's I mean, you know, unless you have some yet, unless you get lucky, you find somebody is like really great with an eye though [laughter]. I mean. The type of material that we run on those those platforms is our top of the line material. It's commercially produced. It's it's definitely


you know. All in and for me to be able to do that. You know, 10 times for 1 1 season is, is you know not realistic to be completely honest with you. And that's a that's a really good point. I mean, it's just like the budgetary constraints are real. And whether or not you really want to take advantage of the platform or not. You probably can at the level that you're used to doing, which


is a reality for any kind of advertising. I mean, it's just like you can't get everything you want when you produce that the level that you wanted to be. But Emily, your thoughts, I mean, you know, is there an opportunity to may be continue to maintain brand integrity and brand value at a level that successful to both you and to your customers while still making the the the messaging


serial oriented, and give the opportunity to create more content for this binge watching behavior that actually will be more effective in that environment. There might be a way to do it, affordable, be to marries point. Yes. If you had to do 10 times that add it gets to be cost prohibitive. What if you take the wine ad or the two ads? Variations of kind of the same story line and then did something


creative like a crawl or logo, or a c t a that was cheap to just do an overlay and it became part of this engaging, maybe taking them to a website or landing page kinda thing, or there are different creative ways you could go with like give you a blank screen that silent to get their attention. And the next one, the admirals I dunno. But as somebody who when I watched on, I have Hulu, premium, whatever it's called and I see ads. I am annoyed. I knew them. I go do something else, but I don't hate the brand. I got


angry. I just okay, there's a commercial. I don't think there's this vitriolic viewers are so annoyed have to see the same out so many times when their pinging. I don't think it's that big a deal. I don't know from my own personal experiences, I feel like it's a totally missed opportunity, but it's also ordered a complete annoyance. Every time I see this same ad coming in pot after pod time after time. It just gets annoying after a while. Scott, anything that you can add to this conversation, I mean, it's society, is


storytelling via the been rushing platforms, is it? Is it really that much of an opportunity, or is it something that we're just kind of making too much about in actually as long as you're getting reach and frequency, it's still going to give you the value that you came to get in the first place? Well, first of all, Bob, thank you for the segway, right when you hit b. It's so annoying part [laughter] cut away to me [laughter]. No, I think


you you hit on the crux of it, that at least as far as I'm concerned, when you said storytelling in a we spend so much time saying, marketers advertisers communicators were all storytellers. And yet are we really are we really telling stories or we really just blurted stuff in front of people that we want them to see. Because to me, if you're telling a story, it's something that has an arc and it. If you know, if you understand your audience and what they're doing, any want to reach them and a


relevant way. Then you should be able to take that. That arc and engage them, even if it's just three spots over the course of binge watching in. And they see the same story with three spots. Five times. That's fine because I have the same experience as Emily on Hulu plus and it's even worse because I get Spanish at. Adds every once in a while that has nothing to do with anything I've selected in Hulu or my profile. I don't speak Spanish. I mean, I


understand it, but there's no reason I should be receiving Spanish language ads, and I've tweeted to the brands that play these commercials over and over and over again. And I say, look, you're wasting your money because I'm not your target audience and I'm seeing the same at and it does become annoying after a while and I simply tune it out versus, hey, if there was something that was a cliffhanger if there's something that left me wanting to know what happened next,


when the brand came up, keep me I'm on the edge of my seat rather than keeping me from from ignoring it might create curiosity. Well, good points all, but it's time now for the Advil five before we get to that segment of the show though I do want to take this quick opportunity to thank my guess again and allow them the each to a shameless plug starting with Emily bender you can find her a beetle That's the home of


betel moment marketing her consultancy out of Austin, Texas. Tell us Emily, what's going on in your world, what would you like to promote? I want to talk about voice search. Dis site are the fastest growing consumer technology since the smartphone and by 20 20 screen less browsing is expected to account for 30% of browsing. 50% of searches will be conducted through voice that's less than two years away. So voice is changing the way people search for in fine brands to interact


with. If you want to improve your customer experience and drive, which added to your site and stay ahead of the competition. You need a voice strategy now in 20 18. And with voice there is no search engine results page, there's just one top result and you need to be it. So I hope France optimized for voice search. I developed branded a illiac say flash briefings and pod cast skills. So reach out to me if you want a great parking space at Wali world an entire day before the crowds arrive.


[laughter]. Dotcom. Beetle to ease. Also bonus fine. If you search Amazon under Alexis skills for the beetle moment marketing pod cast skill you can make it play by saying, Alexa play marketing pod cast. Yes hash tag land grab and I can help you do the same. And here I go with the next amazing person here in our panels Scott Monti you can find him@scott Monti dotcom. That's the home of


Scott Monte strategies. Tell us what's going on in your world. Scott wha- what would you like to promote? Well, Bob, I am sitting down with lots of brands and agencies hosting executive briefings. If you would like to sit down with me for 90 minutes a half day a full day. Have a prepared presentation about the state of the market, whether it's social. Digital privacy you know what, whatever floats your boat and discuss it and nail something that.


Quite frankly, saves you the time and effort of sending your team out to various conferences and other learning opportunities that are pretty high price of proposition. So feel free to visit Scott Monte dotcom and nut check out the executive briefings there under the speaking section. I'd be happy to come and drop in with you, and quite frankly, if you book me executive briefings, you get free bat phone access to me for


up to a month after our side [laughter] praying at your will. Do you have the spotlight? That's what I run in our what does the bat spotlight? And last, but not least Mary Rogers. I am so glad I ran into you at the other major event several months ago, and I'm so glad you came on the program today. You can find more about her and her work a You should know about cuisinart. It's a very popular brand out there among people who were cooking. So tell us watch in your world Mary, what would you like to


promote? Well, I mean besides cuisinart I mean, I thought it would be interesting to just for a few minutes talk about something that is on the minds of most marketers right now, marketing technology. Beyond beyond a voice and a few other things, this is an area that is completely changing the landscape of business. It's changing our business dramatically, whether it's, you know, content marketing platforms, weather. It's direct to


consumer, which is certainly on the rise. There are a lot of things in the technology field that are changing the way that marketers do business on a day-to-day basis, and obviously, bats impacting. Our brand, it's eight giving us the ability to get our product to the market. I'm much faster to get into our retailers, hands and on their web properties much faster. So it's an area that I think a lot of marketers are


spending much more time on than in the past. You have to be kind of an expert and tack. And also traditional marketing practices. And with that, of course I have to say, I love cuisinart. I've been there for 22 years. I just had my anniversary on Friday [laughter] friends us. Congratulations. And just not a complete coincidence. I fired up the weird Al song this morning going to buy me a condo, going to buy me a cuisinart. Oh


[laughter]. As for me for more information about me or the show visit, the being cast dotcom very confined to complete show archive. You can find out how to consult with me. And of course you can find out how to advertise on this program. So check it all out after being cast, calm, and don't forget. You can now get transcription services of each and every episode right on my website. And it's from transcribe Go to transcribe cast. They got a special offer for being cast


listeners of unique transcription services. They're the ones to go to transcribe gust. And now it's time for the ad fell five or run down of the lowest moments and marketing advertising, and public relations from the last week. And first stop air B m. B was running a promotion were winners would enjoy a night of food and music on the great wall of China. Scott, it sounds like a really great prize. I really wish I could have done it except. The locals didn't


really get on board with it. They complained in suddenly Chinese officials claim that they never had a permit for this event in the first place. Suddenly our B m. B has to pull the plug on the whole thing before anybody gets to spend the night on the great wall of China. This one seems like it was an avoidable mistake, but you never know with the Chinese [laughter]. Clearly, they built a wall and they're going to make air BNB pay for it [laughter]. Very well played. No, next up the iphone


risks being pulled from India because apple, despite all their efforts to let us block everyone else's ads. There Emily, they refuse to install an app to block every ad including the roads to be in compliance with Indian law. This one seems like it's I don't know who they say this ad fills on, whether it's the Indian government for forcing this or assist apple for not being willing to put this up on their phone that blocks all


advertising. But it seems like isn't avoidable problem in some way. Agree. Apple only has one percent market share in India, which is obviously a lot of people, but maybe it's not worth the headache and it costs $1400 to get an iphone tan there. It's probably just not the best market at this time. They are probably not. Now, the Academy Awards in an effort to shore up shrinking T v. ratings decided to add a popular film category Mary, which they proudly tweeted


about through which the internet responded with all the snark it ha- had making fun of this new category which is basically like the most popular film of the year. Now I don't know what they were thinking [laughter] basically, I mean, you can't you cannot go on Twitter and not have your game put together. You know, obviously they're losing ratings, they're trying, they're sh- I believe they're also shortening the programming.


They are making it earlier, you know, they are trying everything they can to increase the ratings. But when you go go on Twitter and you don't have your game together, you're definitely gonna get hammered and they did and they they gave they they put it out there and. They got served, it seems like they should have done a maybe a little bit more focus group testing [laughter] next up Jeremy pick assist one's horrible. This is horrible. I'm just going to say this right


from the start Germany Pincus VP it eyeso- bar was arrested for taking pictures of women on his train. Emily gyrating is growing up with them and then following them off the train basically typical agency behavior, if you will. But I mean this is just terrific with what this guy did. He was arrested in the conference room at his own agency. And aren't you empty are asking how on earth do you think this will go unreported? Maybe he was trying to get fired? I can't imagine.


Well. You know, I can't imagine the drive to do this kind of behavior, but it happens. It happens an awful lot as were hearing over and over again from the meteor movement. So we just have to get a stopped in some way. I love how he collected the evidence against himself [laughter]. Really do. And last but not least fast food. Yeah, excuse me. Fast food chain. Jack in the box takes the cake for tone deaf out of the week with an ad. Take


talking about big bowls in a work setting, but to make things worse in this is were really gets weird. Scott, the ad ends with a self aware bit were a lawyer tells Jack that they can't do this ad and then to fail even harder the agency and the client fell on their swords defending the ad after all of this saying that they felt it was completely legitimate. Unlike bald jokes do not play well, especially not in a work setting, especially not in your


advertisements. The there's a reason the jack-in-the-box logo is a clown, I guess. So we'll have I think they should apologize for being so uncreative like balls and balls down the same. Now as the winning idea, maybe should hire Jeremy Pincus [laughter]. We'll go there next you at least they can shoot around an iphone which takes care of Mary's concern of being too expensive fruit for dogs producing lots of lots of commercials though. I think we've got a winner


Jeremy call us. We'll have something to add to this list or just wanted to discuss it. Comment on line, use the hash tag, add fell five that's pound. Add fell in the number five. Well, that does it for this week's show if you'd like to subscribe to this pod cast visit our website at the being cast, a calm and click on the subscribe link. If you're an eye, tunes listener, we've also provided a direct link to the eye teens music store, or just searched for the being cast in the pod cast directory, vitamins, and whichever pod cast


directory you use when you subscribe, please leave a serve. You gotta comment of a question. We'd love to hear from you. Just send your emails to being cast. A G m. L dotcom opening theme was performed by Joseph Cambell closing theme by sea jacks. Thanks for listening. Bob north will be back again next week. Hope you'll join us then.


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